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JS Appliance Repair Service has been serving Orlando and the surrounding area with pride for many years. To solve any appliance problem, all you need is our team’s knowledge, experience, and helpful attitude.

Therefore, if you are in need of dependable appliance repair in Central Florida, look no further than JS Appliance Repair Service. Simply call us at (407) 874-3686 to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

You can’t live without your washing machine and dryer. In the event that your washer or dryer stops working, you should contact JS Appliance Repair Service immediately. We will help you get your washer and dryer back in working order, so you can have the convenience of doing laundry at home without needing to wait for a sunny day or plunging clothes into a bucket of water. Thanks to JS Appliance Repair Service, you can finally put an end to the hassle of doing laundry the old fashioned way: by hand, on a clothesline, while waiting for the clothes to dry.

Although you can’t imagine life without a dishwasher, troubleshooting it can be extremely frustrating. Relax and let JS Appliance Repair Service figure it out. We’ve seen every kind of dishwasher and solved every difficult problem. You can always count on us to help you out, as these problems are usually easily fixed by our skilled technicians. Let us help you with your dishwasher, so you can go back eating delicious things without having to worry about the clean up afterwards.
It’s much easier to feed the people you care about when you have a microwave, stove, and/or oven at your disposal. However, you don’t want to have any problems with your home’s essential appliances like the microwave, stove, or oven. Otherwise, it looks like takeout and sandwiches will be the only way to go for a while. Also, if you’re having problems with your stove or oven, it’s important to call our experts because the problem could be with your gas lines, which can be very dangerous. If you want your microwave, oven, or stove fixed in a safe and efficient manner, give JS Appliance Repair Service a call.
The kitchen’s garbage disposal will prevent lingering odors and clogged drains. If your appliance is making noises you don’t recognize, won’t turn on, or is otherwise malfunctioning, call JS Appliance Repair Service right away. Garbage disposals are potentially lethal pieces of machinery that should only be serviced by a trained professional, such as those found at JS Appliance Repair Service. We’ll schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible so that your garbage disposal can be up and running again. We also can help repair and install trash compactors.
If you want to keep your hard-earned money from going to waste and feed your family well, then you must take good care of your refrigerator and freezer. It’s tough to rationalize wasting so much food or spending a fortune on takeout if you are having issues with either. If you have any appliance problems, don’t hesitate to contact JS Appliance Repair Service and we will respond as quickly as possible to resolve the problem. If it’s just the ice maker that’s broken, rest assured that our team is up to the task. We will always ensure that your appliances are well taken care of and are in stellar working condition by the end of our visit!