7 Warning Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs a Repair

Cleaning up after a meal can be made easier with the help of a garbage disposal, which can remove organic materials. A fully functional garbage disposal can save you much time in the kitchen. However, a few warning signs indicate when your garbage disposal is starting to fail.

1. Loud Noises During Use

While running your garbage disposal, loud noises could mean a malfunctioning component or debris stuck in the blades. Loud noises from your garbage disposal may sound like grinding, rattling, or metallic sounds. Our service repair technicians can diagnose the cause of the sounds and offer the best way to fix the issue.

2. Water Leaking Nearby

If you spot water near or inside the cabinets under your sink, there is probably a leak in your garbage disposal. A water leak can cause severe water damage to your cabinets and even allow organic growth over time. Our service repair technicians can investigate the source of the leaking water and keep your garbage disposal running smoothly.

3. Bad Odors From Disposal

You can try running ice cubes and warm, soapy water through your garbage disposal when there are foul odors. If the bad odors persist, your appliance may be failing. Unplug your garbage disposal and have a plumber remove the stuck food waste to get it running.

4. Slower to Break Food Down

Food breaks down within minutes when your garbage disposal is running at its peak. A garbage disposal that lags when breaking down organic matter could mean dull blades. Replacing or sharpening them will allow your appliance to continue running smoothly.

5. Clogs in Disposal

Wash small amounts of food waste at a time to keep your garbage disposal running. If you notice the appliance jamming often, there may be another reason for the issue. Clogs can mean that your garbage disposal’s capacity is too small for your household or there’s a failing part in the system.

6. Frequent Disposal Resets

When your garbage disposal runs into problems, such as clogs or large amounts of food waste, the reset button can help the system recover. A garbage disposal at its peak shouldn’t need the reset button very often, but an aging one may. An inspection can help you understand what’s wrong because frequent resets could also mean loose wiring.

7. No Power to Disposal

A garbage disposal that shuts off while working or won’t turn on could be from a blown circuit. It could be a failing garbage disposal motor when the electrical grid is still working. A garbage disposal inspection will tell you what the source of the issue is and how to fix your appliance.

Not all food waste can go into your garbage disposal, which includes coffee grounds, grease, or orange peels. Your garbage disposal will work longer if you keep an eye out for warning signs. If you suspect you need a garbage disposal repair in Orlando, FL, call us at JS Appliance Repair Service for an estimate today.